Alert Alarm Equiptment

Below is a sampling of the equipment we use to secure your home or business.

Alarm Panel Options

GoControl 2 Alarm Panel

The color touchscreen display allows for simple touch commands that and the GoControl2 control panel works with many Z-Wave Devices for home automation. The GC2 is pretty amazing!

Go Control 3 Full Touch Screen

The new GoControl3 (GC3) has a bigger screen, is super thin, adds one-touch arming and has so many customizable new features that you will never run out of ways to control your security.

Alarm Sensors

Standard Door & Window Sensor

Uses a magnet to sense if a door or window is opened

Hidden Door Sensor

Drilled into the door frame to hide the sensor for a clean look.

Garage Door Tilt Sensor

Monitor your garage door by sensing when the top panel tilts over 45 degrees.

Pet Friendly Motion Detector

Pet friendly passive motion detector senses movement of people within you property.

Glass Break Detector

Sensor listens for the sound of breaking glass from a window or door.

Universal Door Bell

Can be wireless or wired into an existing doorbell system.  Allows for text messages if pushed.

Environment Sensors

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Detects deadly Carbon Monoxide, sends a signal to the control panel and has a built-in 85-db sounder

FireFighter™ Smoke Detector Sensor

This sensor monitors the existing interconnected hardwired smoke detectors within your home. Only one is needed to monitor ALL the smoke detectors within the home.

Smoke, Heat & Freeze Detector

When smoke, excessive heat or cold is detected, the alarm sounds a loud local alarm and sends a signal to the Control Panel

Flood and Temperature Sensor

The sensor probe detects the presence of water and will send a wet alarm to the control panel. Also monitors temperature for freezing conditions.

Remotes & Safety

Alarm Sensors