High-Definition Camera system to See and Record Everything

Fully weather and vandal proof
Remote view on any web-enabled device
Night vision to see in the dark
Professional installation with no wires showing
Reliable cameras include 3-year warranty

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Three Steps to Get Smarter Business Security

Step One Assessment

An Alert Alarm Certified Technician will visit your business to assess your needs using our proprietary 32-point Security evaluation.

Step Two Design:

Your system will be designed around how you operate your business, your special security needs and your budget.

Step Three Implementation:

We will install the surveillance and security system for you and ensure that all sensors and settings are maximized to detect intruders and thieves, while minimizing false alarms.

Nationwide, Small business lose $25,000 to $33,000 every minute to employee theft and shoplifting.
It takes $1,320 in sales to make up losses from a $20 theft (shoplifting or equipment stolen) at a 15% net Margin.

A $250K annual gross business loses between $7,500 to $17,500 per year to employee theft and shoplifting.

Businesses are four times as likely to be burglarized as homes.

View Your Business Remotely. With Alert Alarm, your business is always at your fingertips.

The ability to access your cameras remotely, from any device at any time gives you the upper hand. It gives you the security of being able to see your business when you cannot be there in person.

With the smart phone app you can:

  • Live view, playback and search recorded footage anywhere, anytime
  • View up to 16 channels at once in live or playback mode
  • Capture still images and short videos
  • Control pan-tilt-zoom cameras
  • Use digital zoom to look-into interesting areas
  • Manage and view multiple locations in the same app

Small Business Security and Automation

We can help you secure your most important investment. An Alert Alarm system can help you manage your business location with options like text alerts, live-view video, and the ability to control lights and thermostats remotely.

Between customers, employees, inventory and profits you have your hands full. Alert Alarm make keeping an eye on your business and bottom line, easier than ever. Theft, from customers, employees or vendors can really add up, but the security and reliability of an Alert Alarm System will reduce sticky fingers and hold people accountable.

You will know what is happening at your business.

Save Money, Time and Frustration with Alert Alarm Company

Insurance certificate to save you money
Free Activation
Free sensor replacement batteries
Professional installation
3-year warranty on cameras and recorder
Options to protect you against fire, smoke, carbon monoxide, freezing temperatures and water damage
Local company with trained, locally based service technicians to take care of your security.
Locked-in monthly subscription pricing
Security designed around your business


“I’m so glad I chose Alert Alarm for my home security system.
They are great, knowledgable people who care about providing the best service to their clients.”

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A Representative will contact you within 24 hours. Guaranteed.