Fire Extinguisher Recharge

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Fire Extinguisher Maintance

We strive to be the best in Southwest Kansas and offer the following Guarantees:

  1. We will not be late to perform the maintenance (outside the month due) or that year’s annual maintenance is free.
  2. Any unit that is sold, recharged or had 6-year maintenance performed is guaranteed for 6 years against pressure loss.
  3. If we miss or skip a unit for annual maintenance, we will come back and annual service that unit for free.

To serve you better, we want to inspect the extinguisher in its designated location to make sure that the inspection requirements of NFPA 10 (the rules for portable fire extinguishers) are met.  This includes making sure the unit is the correct type for the hazard present, checking for access and visibility, checking for correct mounting, and checking for fullness.

Other service companies in the area insist that your staff gather the extinguishers in one area for servicing.  This is a waste of your staff’s time and skips important checklist items that insure an extinguisher is ready to use.

So your facilities are not left unprotected, we have a full mobile service vehicle that allows your common extinguishers due for 6-year maintenance to be completed on site.  We have a free temporary extinguisher program for the specialty units that must be serviced at our facilities.  Such units include Halon, Halitron, and Carbon Monoxide extinguishers.

For new clients, we are offering ½ off the per unit annual maintenance price and 10% off 6-year maintenance and hydrostatic testing.  For your school district, we also offer a 15% discount for all future years’ total service.

If you have any additional questions and to schedule your 2016 service, please call the office (620-598-2564) and talk with Toni.