Prompt, Professional Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Most Extinguishers serviced on-site
Flat rate for Service Location
6-year  Warranty on all New units and 6-year rebuilds
Extinguisher Identification and Tracking done for you

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Three Steps to Get Your Fire Extinguishers Up-to-date


Call to schedule your Annual Fire Extinguisher Maintenance


Your extinguisher units will be located, documented, and serviced on site.


You will be briefed on the work completed, any safety recommendations and put on the schedule for the next annual service.

The First Xerox photocopier was so prone to bursting into flames that it was fitted with its own fire extinguisher.
5.32 million fires were successfully extinguished in 2013 by portable fire extinguishers and in 75% of those cases, the fire department was not required to attend.
Average loss per reported incident in non-residential or commercial structures is over $34,000 when a fire department is called.
Over 600 times per day in America, a fire extinguisher is used to keep fire from becoming a major disaster.

If your extinguisher tags aren’t green, they may be due for critical service.

NFPA 10 requires that every 6 years all dry chemical and clean agent type extinguishers are discharged, receive and internal inspection, refilled, and returned to service.  This is vital maintenance of the unit that tests if it works, if the valve-body and pressure gauge are good, and insures the agent inside is clean and flows.

We have found 14 fire extinguishers that would not function properly and could have resulted in thousands of dollars in loss should they have been needed.  This critical maintenance had been skipped by other servicing companies, leaving clients exposed to fire destruction.

Are Your Extinguishers ready to Use?

  • On site maintenance so your not left without fire protection
  • Stay compliant with OSHA and Kansas State Fire Marshal regulations
  • Meet your insurance requirements for fire protection
  • 15 Point Meticulous Attention to Detail Inspection
  • Flat service rate per location, no mileage charges
  • Special Customer discounts for Hands-on Live Fire Extinguisher Training

Save Money, Time and Frustration with Alert Alarm Company

We will track your extinguishers for you
Flat rate for service locations – no mileage Charges
Most additional service done on site – Keeping your Facility Protected
6 year warranty on all new units and 6 year rebuilds against pressure loss
Guarantee to Service every extinguisher, missed units receive Annual Maintenance for free
Annual Maintenance on time or it is FREE

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A Representative will contact you within 24 hours. Guaranteed.