Did you know that Home Security Liberal KS can simplify your life? If you would like to find out how to make your life tons’ easier call 620-598-2564. Technology these days is pretty amazing. Who knew you that we would be able to control so much of our home from our smart phone.  Those that watched the Jetsons dreamed one day that we could control our home one day like they did in that fun cartoon.

Any one’s home can become a smart home, with and Alert Alarm system you can have a safe and secure smart home. Imagine getting home from a long day of work with hands full of grocery bags struggling to get in front door. That is now a problem of the past now you can disarm your alarm system and unlock your front door before you even walk up to the door. No more struggling for you when you get home when you buy and electronic smart lock.  Home Security Liberal KS is so much more than unlocking your doors, it can control lights as well.

Now go back to the image of getting home from work groceries in hand and you have already unlocked your house but it is pitch black and your tripping on the way to the light switch.  What a pain, right? No way is that in your future because you have Alert Alarm, with lighting schedules you can schedule the front light to come on as soon as you disarm your alarm system and unlock your door. This allows you to simplify your life tremendously. No more struggle, you can now disarm alarm, unlock your door, and turn on your light all from your smart phone.  Turning on your light and unlocking your door is just part of the fun.

We all live very busy lives. We are constantly coming and going and almost always in a rush, so much so we forget to do certain tasks. For example, we almost get to the school to drop of kids and we wonder “Oh NO did we lock the door?” That is no longer something you have to worry about. Now you can hop on your phone and see if you locked the door, your app shows whether the door is locked or unlocked and then you can lock it right from your phone just like you can simply unlock it when you arrive home. Home security Liberal KS is quite fun and easy.

Having an Alert Alarm is pretty cool and it really does simplify your life. If you are tired of the struggle and you are ready to win at life you should totally call and speak to Toni at 620-598-2564. She can set you up with a free appointment security engineer. He will walk you through exactly what you may need or want to make your home a smart home. Its super easy and you will love every second of being a smart home owner.

Home Security Liberal KS: Getting What You Need.

Is Home security Liberal KS important to you but you do not know where to begin? Read this article to find out more and Call 620-598-2564 and talk to Toni and she will get you set up with your very own free security appointment to find out all you need to know about what you need and what you want.  Security is all about keeping you, your loved ones, and your home and property safe.  The security appointment will help you better understand what is included in a security system and how the components work to keep you safe. In this article we will go over the main components of a security systems.

The basic home security Liberal KS system includes a panel. The panel is the security hub it is where all the sensors send the data to, it is where you will arm and disarm the system. You can also send signals from other devices to your alarm panel to arm and disarm your panel.  These devices include smart phones and computers in addition to key fobs The panel also will dial out to call the authorities when your security in Liberal KS has been triggered. You may be asking how does it know it was triggered? The basic system comes with a set of sensors that protect windows and doors.

There are 3 door/window sensors that come with the basic system. They are interchangeable and can bet placed either on a door or a window. This placement is decided by our security engineer who has been trained on precise placements of sensors so in an attempted burglary the alarm will sound. You may ask is that enough door/window sensors? The customer can add more door and window sensors for an additional fee. Sometimes it is recommended that you purchase more door/window sensors to get the proper security for one’s home. We previously talked about the certain devices that can arm and disarm the system one of those devices being a key fob.

The key fob is the final piece of equipment that comes with the basic security system. The key fob is very handy because you place it on your car keys and you can arm the system when you home into your car. When you arrive home it is super easy to disarm the security system from inside your car before you walk up to the door. If key fob is ever lost or stolen give us a call and we can take it out of your system so that no one can arm and disarm your system.

This is the complete basic system that allows multiple additions if needed or wanted. It is truly amazing what home security Liberal KS can do and you will fall in love with the peace of mind this system provides. If the Alert Alarm system sound like something you would be interested in the next step is to set up an appointment with our security engineer. He will help you get the best system for you and what system you want. Give Alert Alarm Company a call at 620-598-2564 to set up your appointment today.