Call Toni today to set up your security analysis, 620-598-2564. She will set up an appointment with Curtis to walk you through security technology, pinpoint your security weak spots, and go over what security you want and need. Alert Alarm will help you protect your peace of mind, property, and family. Getting a security system liberal will give you control over your house all day and all night right you’re from your cell phone, whether your home, on vacation, or at work.

This day in age most everyone carries around a cell phone, and land lines are becoming a thing of the past. One of our most annoying problems is dropping phone calls, or the cell signal is not strong enough. It can be so annoying to be on an important business call, or call that is very important be put on hold for minutes and then (boom) you drop the call. It makes me furious when that happens. Living in a rural area our cell phone reception is not always very great. Security system liberal can help boost your reception at your home.

Cell phone boosters can be attached to your house connected to power to help improve the signal in your home. Alert Alarm offers professional installation of the cell phone booster. The cell phone signal has to be calculated and adjusted so that you get the best possible signal for your cell phone in your home. With the cell phone booster, you will love having better signal for you cell phone use. It will improve signal so you drop less calls, and your internet access will be better as well. There is no additional monthly fee for the cell phone booster. It is a win win for you our customer.

Some people just go into a certain room into their home and drop calls. This can be very annoying. The cell phone booster can help with the cell reception in areas of your home that does not get good enough cell reception. Sometimes metal buildings have worse cell reception, the cell phone booster will help boost cell signal in those buildings as well. There is nothing you the customer needs to do to the cell phone booster to make it work besides make sure it has power. It is a super easy piece of technology for our customers to use. Getting a security system liberal is the total package. We offer so many different ways to improve your life via security.

If you are interested in a security system liberal call Toni at 620-598-2564 to schedule your security analysis today or even to schedule your installation of your new cell phone booster. Curtis will take great care of you. You will love the increase in cell signal that you will receive with the cell phone booster. Alert Alarm is here to offer a safer community one house or business at a time via their top of the security and caring customer service.