Securing your home is super important. You may not feel like it now, but you will once you or a neighbor, or a family member is a victim of a burglary or a fire.  Securing your home is not all about burglaries, it’s a complete security package which can include if you like smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.  If you are interested in security system Liberal call Toni of Alert Alarm Company at 620-598-2564 to schedule your free security analysis. Curtis will inspect for security weak spots and let you know what security steps that need to be taken.

With securing your home meaning so much more than protecting yourself from burglary but also fire it is important to know more about your smoke detectors.  First of all, one smoke alarm is not enough especially if your family sleeps with their doors closed like my family does. It is important to put a smoke detector in all bedrooms when you sleep with closed doors. Placement of detectors is vital to their working properly also. Smoke detectors should be placed on the ceiling if this cannot be achieved place smoke detectors high on the walls. The reason for high level placemat is because smoke rises and in turn will set off the smoke detector.

The next important tip about smoke detectors is that they do not last forever and nor do their batteries. Smoke alarms to wear out, so if you think your alarms are more than ten years old, replace them with new ones. Why not replace them with monitored smoke alarms through security system liberal that will alert the authorities and yourself that there is a fire. Monitored smoke alarms will also alert you when batteries are old and need replacing. Monitored smoke alarms make your life simpler.

Lastly dust can clog smoke alarms. So it is important that you clean them twice a year. Carefully vacuum the inside the battery powered unit using the soft bristle brush. If electrically connected shut off power and vacuum the outside vents only. Once finished restore power and test unit when finished.  Set up a time to changed batteries and clean smoke alarms, perhaps an easy way to remember is when you set clocks due to a time change also clean out smoke detectors and change their batteries as well.

Taking care of your smoke detectors whether they are monitored or not is vital to your survival if a fire should occur. It is simple tasks that keep these pieces of equipment in tip top shape, as well as know that they do not last forever and will need to be replaced periodically. Monitored systems help you to know when smoke alarms need battery change as well alert the authorities to a fire.  Getting a Security System Liberal is easy, call Toni at 620-598-2564 to get your security analysis set up. Alert Alarm will take great care of all your security needs.